Katka Kutnerová

I am a teacher of German language and Czech language for foreigners, as well as a certified
translator and interpreter.
Would you like to prepare for exams? Are you planning to travel or work abroad or in the
Czech Republic? Do you have bright, talented children and want the world to open up for
them with new languages? Or have you got an entirely different goal in mind? Then I am the
person for you. With playful approach and using modern teaching methods, I will teach you
standard German and Czech for foreigners, guide you through all the grammar rules and
help you master perfect pronunciation. With me, you will not only understand the language
but also the local culture.
Learning a language is hard work yet it is also an investment that will certainly pay off.

Individual lessons

             550,-Kč/ 30 min

             850,- Kč/ 50 min

Do you prefer working at your own pace or need a little nudge to get started? Would you like to brush up a bit on what you used to know or long to get talking and finally get to grips with grammar? Perhaps you seek to have lessons tailored to your needs?
With me, you don’t have to worry about making mistakes, they are crucial in order to make progress. Together, we will untangle the intricacies of the language and have fun too! With photos, videos, games, real-life situations and music, you will learn to enjoy learning!
If this is what you’re looking for, drop me a line and we’ll discuss your ideas and my options.
Online as well as in person!


Group lessons



 Do you wish or need to communicate in German or Czech? Would you like to have fun while interacting with other students? Are you a sociable person that appreciates support of
others rather than flying solo?  
Or perhaps you have a bright kid and want to broaden their horizons with another language and help the world become their oyster?
Then join a group for like-minded adults or children.


Online as well as in person!



 Choose whatever is best for you! Look at page ČEŠTINA.


Asynchronous teaching

     650,-Kč/2-3 hours/week


Do you prefer to study alone and only when you have time? Are you able to work
independently? Then let me be your coach!
Depending on the goals we set together, I will prepare a load of material for each week so that you can practice all the skills of the language. You will work on your tasks as you go along and I will provide feedback and give you tips on what else to do and how to do it.

 I will be your mentor who will explain anything you need, keep you motivated and help you get through any difficult bits.

 Hard work is the road to success!


 Online Video Course 


                           for foreigners


Do You already understand Czech a little but your grammar is a total mess and you don’t speak? Is it all just uh, well, yeah? Are you too busy to attend a course in person? Do you need the freedom to learn at your own pace? I have a solution – a brand new online course with videos!

Let’s get your basics in order once and for all! We will make your foundations as solid as those of a skyscraper!

If you need important information, practice and experience, the self-correction exercises will help.

If your grammar is a mess and there is no system to your Czech, I’ll provide you with a plan, clear instructions and a well-organized system. With this course, you’ll get a clear idea of how Czech language works. You won’t lose your way and you can return to the system at any time. What should you do to prepare to build solid foundations for your skyscraper?

What you get?

Want to get to grips with Czech quickly and easily? Want to learn the basics effectively, strengthen your grammar and start using the language?

Then it’s time to get your basics of Czech in order! My practical ONLINE COURSE will help you do just that.


What will my Czech for foreigners course give you?

  • Survival basics
  • Basics of pronunciation, understanding the specifics of Czech language, plenty of practice
  • Clear basics of grammar at A1 level
  • Basic words you can use straight away
  • Basic practical phrases to help you get by
  • Practice in every lesson
  • Video lessons with explanations
  • Self-correction exercises to see mistakes immediately
  • Effective, easy and well-organized learning
  • Clear system, practical plan


Why this course?

What will you gain?

  • Confidence in the basics of Czech language
  • Understanding basic communication
  • Understanding of how Czech works
  • Solid foundations of grammar at A1 level
  • Explanations and practice
  • Flashcards with basic words
  • Basic Czech phrases



 Káťa is the best foreign language teacher I have ever met in my life. She knows a lot of methods and finds the right approach for every student. There is always a good atmosphere in the class, good relationships amongst the students. The whole group loves her lessons. My husband and I enjoyed lessons of Czech language for foreigners. Our children came with us several times and have been asking to go again. Káťa is kind, sensitive, caring, creative, flexible and wise. The pace of learning is set in the best possible way. The outcome has exceeded our expectations. Highly recommend!

– Alla Khorolska, teacher and lecturer 

 I like how easy it is to communicate in the lessons. Being able to speak Czech in a group is great. I appreciate the variety of techniques, chatting, working with text, completing tasks and playing games. I have managed to overcome my shyness and started speaking! Katka
has helped me a lot. You can see that she loves her job and that it works.

– Elena Zilina, art teacher

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