Self-Study Online Course SOS CZ 

Want to get to grips with Czech quickly and easily? Want to learn the basics effectively, strengthen your grammar and start using the language?

Then it’s time to get your basics of Czech in order! My practical Self-Study ONLINE COURSE will help you do just that.


What will my Czech for foreigners course give you?

  • Survival basics
  • Basics of pronunciation, understanding the specifics of Czech language, plenty of practice
  • Clear basics of grammar at A1 level
  • Basic words you can use straight away
  • Basic practical phrases to help you get by
  • Practice in every lesson
  • Video lessons with explanations in very easy Czech
  • Self-correction exercises to see mistakes immediately
  • Effective, easy and well-organized learning
  • Clear system, practical plan


What do you need?

  • A gmail address
  • Some understanding of basic Czech words (no need to actively use them)
  • To BOOK the course
  • That’s it!


What will you gain?

  • Confidence in the basics of Czech language
  • Understanding basic communication
  • Understanding of how Czech works
  • Solid foundations of grammar at A1 level
  • Explanations and practice
  • Flashcards with basic words
  • Basic Czech phrases

The course is for you if:

  •  you already understand some Czech (at least passive understanding and you’re already communicating a bit in Czech)
  • you know the Czech alphabet, you can read Czech words and sentences
  • you want to have a solid foundation in Czech
  • you want to understand the Czech language system, system of verbs, basic categories
  • you want to strengthen your Czech basics on which to build your next level
  • you don’t have time to take a course
  • you want to study at your own pace when you have time
  • you understand my videos on FB and IG
  • you want to repeat the grammar and system of Czech at A1 level



The course is not for you:

– you are really starting out with Czech and don’t understand much yet

– you don’t understand my videos on IG and FB

– you don’t know the Czech alphabet and can’t read Czech

– you are at a level higher than A2




 It’s not easy to learn Czech! You can never do it WITHOUT LEARNING. Don’t look for excuses and start now!


Není jednoduché se naučit česky! BEZ UČENÍ to nikdy nejde. Nehledej výmluvy a začni teď!

What do my students say?

Danke dir für die tolle Zeit. Ich habe viel gelernt, es hat mir Spaß gemacht und gerne mit dir gearbeitet. Du bist eine tolle Lehrerin und ich kann dich nur weiter empfehlen.  

                                                                                             Jelena J.


Thank you, Katka. You helped me pass my A2 exam-Trvalý pobyt. Thank you for taking the extra time when I really needed it and for preparing me so thoroughly. Learning was a pleasure, even though I’m a big introvert. I can understand my friends in the pub now and I can live much more happily in the Czech Republic now. .  



    Kateřina Kutnerová

Why study with me?

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved learning languages and traveling. I find different cultures and ways of thinking very interesting. I also enjoy learning about languages and how our brains work. I know that getting better at a language doesn’t just happen. You need to study, practice, and really want to improve.

In my classes, you won’t just memorize words and grammar. Instead, you’ll practice real-life situations in a safe place and learn how to use language freely. You’ll have fun with the language and learn how to get better at it.

So, don’t wait! Come and learn now!


Where can you find me…

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